Application For Membership

Membership today of this historic club should be entered into with pride. We are open to any enthusiastic and competent rock-climber or mountaineer who is experienced at leading adventurous climbs; we are not a club for novices or the inexperienced.

The idea of an adventurous climb is linked to a combination of factors in addition to the grade; for example the length of a climb, the availability of protection or its location (e.g. high mountain, remote, inescapable, difficult access or descent).

Our Mission

The object of the Club will be to, encourage mountaineering, particularly in England, Ireland, and Wales, and to serve as a bond of union amongst all lovers of mountain climbing. ~ Journal 1898 Vol 1

Your application starts here

The process of joining the Climbers’ Club is pretty simple and available on-line as the preferred route; like many other clubs we ask you to complete a short application form and have a couple of current members propose and second you.

Don’t worry if you don’t know any members, all you need to do is come along to a few meets so that you can meet members who can then propose and second your application (contact the Meet Coordinator – contact details can be found within the meet information page).

We have special Aspirant Meets which are specifically aimed at ensuring that you can meet a range of members and we recommend that you come to one if possible. Check the meet information page for more information.

There is no age limit for membership nor is there any limit on the total number of members; provided that you, your proposer and seconder follow our guidance notes and advice, your application should be successful.

Each application is considered on its own overall merits and it is really important that you give us a clear picture of your climbing experience; we will take into account your leading grade, preferred climbing style, breadth and depth of experience and the geographical range of your climbing. There is no secret membership criteria, all the criteria are published; see the FAQs and if you feel that you still need more information or would like to discuss specific aspects of your application don’t hesitate to contact our Membership Secretary.

There are sure to be questions. Please review the frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered, ask your proposer/seconder and do not hesitate to contact the Hon. Membership Secretary if still stuck.

Club rules

Our primary rule, rule one is as follows:

The Club shall be called ‘THE CLIMBERS’ CLUB’. Its objects shall be to encourage mountaineering and rock-climbing and to promote the general interests of mountaineers and the mountain environment.

A full copy of the rules can be found on here: The Climbers’ Club Rules. You should read through them at least once before applying.

Time line on applications

All applications are reviewed by volunteers with fun packed activities of there own, please be patient. We try to follow this rough timescale. If you’ve not heard anything after a month, chase us, but not before please.

  • 1st of each month
    • Review all pending applications.
    • Provide initial feedback - needs more work, looking good etc.
  • 10th of each month
    • Publish application to membership for approval/rejections
  • 20th of each month
    • Update applicant on application status.
  • 25th of each month
    • Process all acceptances and initiate collection of initial club fees.
    • We collect ad-hoc, but only do the next step once a month.
  • +1 /2weeks - Once payments clear, post handbook/keyfobs.
    • You are not a member till initial fees have cleared.

Your Supporters

Your application requires at least two supporters. You should know them well, ideally for a number of years. You should of climbed in various situations with them over the years you’ve known them. You can proceed with one as a climbing reference and one as a social reference.

For your application to be valid you have to contact your supporters and advise them to complete this form: The Climbers’ Club Supporters Form V20230131

Your application is not valid till there are at least two supporters. We may ask for more supporters if your application is weak; so write a great application.

Apply now

If you do not have a proposer and a second, please read the Aspirants Guide.

If you have a proposer and a second, please begin your application via the application form, this can be found here: The Climbers’ Club Application Form v20230131