Payment Options

We're overhauling our payment systems, so please read about the available options.

Payment options presently consist of the following options:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Cash/Cheque
  • Direct Debit
    • Our legacy paper mandate
    • Our new service via GoCardless

New members

All new members will be enrolled to GoCardless. The club is using this to make payments easier, quicker and more transparent. There should be no reason to pay in cash or cheque.

Existing members

We’re transitioning everyone to GoCardless. You’ll either be paying by cash/cheque, by bank transfer, by our legacy mandate ( paper form ) or you’ve transitioned to GoCardless.

Overseas members

You can’t enrol on GoCardless presently, but we’ll be doing this in the near future. So you’ll need to continue to pay via a bank transfer.

Changing banks

In theory when you change banks using the full switch service, your existing direct debits move to your new bank and there is nothing to do. However if you don’t use the full service, ie leave your old account open, you’ll need to maintain a balance to cover club bills or enrol on the new GoCardless service. There is no paper based form to fill in any more.

GoCardless setup

If you need to advise us of a new bank account, please contact the Hon. Membership Secretary. You also need to complete the following authorisation at GoCardless: The Climbers’ Club Direct Debit Setup

Key payment dates

  • We collect club dues around the 2nd of July, or as notified by email.
  • We collect hut fees quarterly, jan-feb-mar will be collected in April and so on.
  • Ad-hoc collections and payments will be made as need arises and dates advised e.g. AGM dinners

Note that overdue subscriptions invalidate the individual’s BMC insurance cover until paid. If you don’t want to renew, please let the Hon. Membership Secretary know.

Any unpaid subscriptions after 60days (circa September 31st) will be considered lost and the club will not renew your BMC membership in the following year. Your membership will enter a lapsed status; access & benefits will be paused, you will be removed from the club the following year.