Joining The Club - Faqs

Frequently asked questions for joining The Climbers' Club

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What do I have to do to join the Climbers’ Club?

To join the Climbers’ Club you need to:

  • Meet the membership criteria specified below.
  • Book on to some open meets.
  • Get the support of just two current members.
  • Complete a short application form where you can tell us about your climbing experience. Your two supporters (Proposer and Second) will write letters to support your application.

When can I submit my application?

You can apply at any time of the year. Applications are reviewed roughly every month so there may be a gap of a few weeks between your application being received and us getting in touch with you. It can take a month from application to acceptance and all done. We’re run by volunteers, please bear this in mind.

What climbing experience do I need & what is the membership criteria?

We are always looking to recruit new members who are climbers and mountaineers who are experienced and competent leaders of adventurous climbs. There is no minimum grade of climb which you must achieve; we look at the overall experience of each applicant.

The idea of an adventurous climb is linked to a combination of factors in addition to the grade; for example the length of a climb or its location (e.g. high mountain, remote, inescapable, difficult access or descent). You will note that we have not included any specific minimum grade, the traditional “rule of thumb” was lead VS – please just tell us what you have done!

There is no minimum length of experience for membership, we receive applications from climbers who have been active for only two years yet they have done much more than other applicants with 10 years experience. It is your overall experience that matters.

Why do I need the support of two current members?

We rely on the judgement of our current members to confirm the competence and experience of potential members.

Can I join if I do not know two members?

We rely on the judgement of our current members to confirm the competence and experience of potential members.

Potential members can book on to meets which will introduce them to current members who will be able to support your application (as long as you meet the criteria). We aim to have two special Aspirant meets each year. These are designed to help members and potential members to meet, socialise, and climb together.

It is not compulsory to attend an Aspirant meet. You can decide whether or not to attend, but they are a great way to meet a number of members who can help your application so we do encourage attendance.

Will I need to climb with members before I can join?

Yes under normal circumstances. We rely on the judgement of our current members to confirm the competence and experience of potential members; this is why your application must have a Proposer and Seconder. However, in some cases an applicant’s experience is well known to Proposer and Seconder and in which case it is not essential that they have climbed with them.

Can I apply online?

Yes, we expect all applications to be made online. However we do not accept forms which are sent as email attachments as this creates extra work for our Membership Secretary, who is a volunteer and would rather be out climbing than sorting through piles of emails!

Once you’ve applied we’ll contact your proposer and second for their supporting letters. If you do not have these in place already, please see the above question on how to join if you don’t know members.

It is worth noting at this point, we don’t reject applications, we defer them pending further information or increased experience. This happens extremely rarely and usually when the guidance and advice offered have not been followed by the applicant and their Proposer or Seconder. In cases of doubt we will always ask for further details before making a final decision. If an application is deferred we will always advise an applicant on how to improve their experience to ensure that a future application will be successful. In a typical year the Club receives over 70 applications for membership and it is rare for even one application to be deferred each year.

Other common questions

Do I have to climb rock, ice, snow, or Alpine before I can join?

No, we have members who are exclusively rock climbers while others are “all rounders”. Our meets programme offers trips to all kinds of climbing destinations within and outside the UK.

I have recently started climbing, can I join the Climbers’ Club?

It is unlikely that a recent convert to climbing will have the necessary experience needed to join; we would welcome your application as soon as you have the appropriate level of experience.

I am under 18, can I join the Climbers’ Club?

Yes as long as you meet the standard criteria. However, for Child Protection reasons you can only attend huts or club events in the company of an adult member who accepts responsibility for you.

I am a keen outdoor enthusiast who does some climbing, can I join the Climbers’ Club?

Yes, provided you meet the normal criteria.

I am a boulderer, can I join the Climbers’ Club?

Yes, provided you meet the normal criteria. Many of our members are keen boulderers as well as being experienced and competent leaders of adventurous climbs.

I am a sport climber, can I join the Climbers’ Club?

Yes, most modern climbers will sport-climb; our members are normal every-day passionate climbers. However, the Club strongly supports climbing that is traditional with leader placed protection and all of our members are experienced and competent leaders of adventurous climbs.

Can I use club facilities when kayaking or mountain biking etc.?

Yes. However, please note that our huts do not have any facilities aimed these sports, such as bike racks or larger drying rooms. Huts do have drying rooms for normal hill going clothing etc., but may not be large enough for wet-suits and other water-sports equipment.