Aspirants Guide

Membership is made on a known peer to peer proposal basis, this aspirants guide helps you to join if you don't know an existing member.

You want to join The Climbers’ Club, however you don’t have a proposer, and or, a seconder?

If you’re a competent climber with a passion for climbing & mountaineering in the UK, you can apply to join the club. You will need to get to know us, and us you. We do this via our aspirants meets.

We try to run at least one annual dedicated aspirants meet, check the meet information page for more information.

It should be noted, you may attend any organised meet at the meet organisers discretion. Please contact them and advise them you are an aspiring aspirant member. If there is space on the meet, it should not be a problem to attend.

Due to insurance, there is a three month window from attending your first meet with us, and submitting an application. After this time you won’t be able to attend, unless you have your own BMC insurance.

After your first or a few meets you will have gotten to know a couple of people who can propose and second you as an aspirant member. You can then follow the guidance in Membership Application Overview.

An aspirant member is the same as a full member in almost every way, subscriptions, fob, hut access etc. The key difference is after two years we’ll review your application, meets attended, contribution to the club, and any negative reports on behaviour. Consider it a probationary period that most should be capable of passing.

Any questions, please read the FAQ’s and of course you can contact the Hon. Membership Secretary if still stuck.