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This project has come from years of listening and observing duplicated effort, costs and time lost. This is bourne by individual clubs, all stretching for the same goals.

Most clubs rely on volunteers and goodwill. Processes and system have typically evolved, mostly over the last decade. Today's data custodians need to be far more alert to the clear and present danger of data loss and mis-management. With changes to the law, the responsibility of personal data management and a tide of threats to user based devices. The risk is present, real and automated.

Obscurity or only a handful of members isn't a valid defence. So with legal and morale challenges, around best endeavours, security, hosting, data storage and use. It's only a matter of time till the worst happens, you loose or cannot access your club data. Compass then, intends to offer a robust, secure & useable system that can tackle most of your clubs daily needs. We fully acknowledge some tasks still require a touch of the human spirit to resolve.

Compass is built from the ground up to be secure and robust, with flexible modules.

A selection of our high level modules:

  • Membership Management
  • Booking Manager
  • Meets & Events Management
  • Accounts & Billing
  • Reporting & Data
  • Smart Tools

We believe in safe & secure, open source transparent code for your review. Secure Https only encrypted interface. Data protection at the core, and safe by design to be GDPR compliant. Encrypted data storage. Audited actions - all actions, all searchable. Access roles - different levels with safe defaults.

How we’re different

Built by you for your needs.

Open source, development guided by user suggestions & feedback from multiple groups. 100% mobile compatible & a responsive design.

Contributing and more You can find the source code for our projects at GitHub: The Climbers' Club Code Project